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Master the Fundamentals

For me, the golf swing encompasses four fundamentals...The grip, stance, alignment and balance. If you can master these basic fundamentals, then you have 95% of golf figured out. The other 5% will come from working with a Golf Instructor like myself.

The game of golf is much easier when you have a firm grasp on these fundamentals. These fundamentals transfer from the full-swing all the way down to putting. Don't believe me?! Try putting with a bad grip while falling on your heels. Or how about trying to hit a 300+ yard drive down the center of the fairway with a narrow stance and body pointing 30 yards left and falling towards your toes. Trust me, the game is much more easier and fun when you master the fundamentals.

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Perfect Your Technique

Whether you're a beginner or experienced golfer, having a go-to pre-shot routine is paramount for scoring well. Look at the best players in the world on any of the world tours, and one thing they have in common is a consistent pre-shot routine. If they're at the top of the leaderboard or fighting to make the cut, their routine stays pretty much the same. This is something you can practice on the putting green, the short-game area and even on the driving range. Practice time is where the golfer works on things, like a pre-shot routine, and once they're out on the golf course it's time to just go out and play.

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